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Ghibliotheque: The Unofficial Guide to the Films of Studio Ghibli


Released September 2021.

#1 Best Seller on Amazon; translated into Spanish, Italian, French, German, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Czech.

From Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind to Earwig and the Witch, authors Michael Leader and Jake Cunningham review every Studio Ghibli feature film, providing insightful background information on how the films were made, and considered film-fan reactions to the works themselves. Beautifully illustrated with stills and posters, portraits of the creative team and the Studio itself, this is a comprehensive, engaging guide to the wonderfully complex, mysterious and entertaining worlds of the legendary, Oscar-winning animation company.

The Ghibliotheque Anime Movie Guide

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Released October 2022.

Translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian and Czech and Chinese.

The Ghibliotheque Anime Movie Guide gives an accessible beginner's tour to the wildly popular world of Japanese animated cinema, charting a path that takes in everything from titans of the industry like Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Your Name, to deeper cuts, hidden gems, and future classics. In each chapter, authors Michael Leader and Jake Cunningham focus on one of the all-time greatest anime films, revealing the story behind each film, why it's a must-see, and give readers a welcoming guide through the exciting world of anime

The World of Studio Ghibli


Released September 2023.

#1 Best Seller on Amazon. Translated into French, Italian and Spanish.

From the creators of Ghibliotheque, this is a young film fan's comprehensive guide to one of the most exciting and influential film studios in cinema history, creators of beloved classics ranging from Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro to Ponyo and Kiki's Delivery Service.

Across eight chapters, we will get up close and personal with the movies, learn who's who at the Oscar-winning studio and explore the impact that Ghibli World has left on our planet.

Film Korea

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Released October 2023.

From smash hits such as Parasite to cult favourites Oldboy, The Handmaiden and Train to Busan, Korean cinema is a hotbed of creative talent and the force behind the most exciting, captivating filmmaking in the world right now. Exploring 30 movies, from the breakout hits to deeper cuts, hidden gems and future classics, Film Korea is a gateway to everything you need to know about the world of Korean cinema, combining reviews and director biographies with recommended further viewing and a catalogue of beautiful film stills and movie posters.

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