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Promare Poster landscape.png


The Prince Charles Cinema, London

From the anime series Gurren Lagann to Kill la Kill to, most recently, Cyberpunk Edgerunners, director Hiroyuki Imaishi and his collaborators at Studio Trigger have become known for intense, colourful, action-packed animation. For the studio’s first feature film, they were reportedly inspired by a team meal at a hamburger joint, sparking their imagination to make the ultimate fast-food anime: full-throttle, full of flavour and fabulously overblown. In the tradition of Redline, which Imaishi worked on as key animator, Promare is a technicolour treat: an eyeball-melting marvel that must be seen on the big screen.


On Gaku Poster landscape.png


Ghibliotheque presents... ON-GAKU: OUR SOUND

The Prince Charles Cinema, London

Adapted from the indie manga by Hiroyuki Ohashi, On-Gaku: Our Sound is a high-school band anime like no other. Made on a shoestring budget over the course of seven-and-a-half years, the film was made almost entirely by director Kenji Iwaisawa, with the assistance of a small group of enthusiasts and amateurs recruited via social media. Much like the wannabe rockers in the film, the crew had precious little professional experience between them. The result is pure independent filmmaking, and a celebration of oddball characters, offbeat humour and the overwhelming, transportive power of music.

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